In rare cases, you may need to create a printable offline assessment for either a single student or your entire class. Printable assessments should be used rarely or in special circumstances since our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine will be unaware of student performance on these assessments. This article will show you how to create various kinds of printable assessments.

We make printable assessments available on special request. Please email us at support@membean.com to turn on this option for your account.

A One-Time Printable Assessment for a Single Student

You may need to create a one-time printable assessment in a case where a student suffered a concussion and/or cannot use a computer device for a short period of time. You can do this from the Assessment Summary screen after creating an assessment.

You can then use the same drop down menu to print the assessment for the student.

A One-Time Printable Assessment for the Entire Class

You can create a one-time printable assessment for the entire class by checking the box on the Create Assessment window.

Permanent Printable Assessments for a Student

You can designate that printable assessments be permanent for a single student by adjusting their preferences.