Reports can be run for different time periods, but all reports share the same categories of information.

A. Heading Information

  • Specifies date range of report and the name of the class.
  • Clicking "Class Dashboard" will return you to the class page. 

B. Information Link
  • Resolves to this article.

C. Time Goals
  • You can reset the goal for these reports by clicking on the link for a different time goal.
  • Custom reports will show a wheel that you can adjust for a custom goal range. 

D. Students Not Meeting Goal
  • Shows list of students who do not meet the default weekly goal for your class.
  • In custom reports, shows list of students who do not meet the goal set by you in the report. 

E. More Report Options
  • Clicking on "See Additional Columns" will give you options to expand report information.
  • Drop menu offers columns for New Words, Incorrectly Answered, Correctly Answered, Assessment Score, Training Summary, and Goal Progress.

F. Data
  • Training data is summarized for each student during the reporting period.
  • Accuracy and Assessment Score are averaged over the course of the reporting period.
  • All other columns are collective totals. 
  • You can use the arrows in the heading columns to sort the information. 

G. Training Sessions
  • Color coded boxes give approximation of training time to the nearest ten minutes.
  • Placement within the grid show when the sessions took place (grid begins on first day of report). 
  • Red dots indicate that suboptimal training took place.

H. Dubious Minutes
  • Trained minutes highlighted by a red box represent dubious minutes.
  • Clicking into dubious minutes will show you which sessions were dubious, and why. 

I. Export Function
  • You can export report information to a CSV or Excel file.
  • Be sure that you have the columns visible that you want to export. 

J. Suboptimal Filter Toggles
  • Use this menu to filter suboptimal dots beneath "Training Minutes per Day."