Sandbagging occurs when a student purposely waits to answer training questions, or lingers on a word page without actually reviewing it. These behaviors are attempts to record training time with minimal engagement.

We mark sandbagging as a dubious session. We also time students out of their sessions after a certain amount of inactivity.

 What if my student is looking around the page?
  • A student who is training by taking time with the word will likely still be interacting with Memlets, such as clicking on the constellation, writing a Memory Hook, playing the video, etc. Interacting with Memlets and clicking around the page does not count as inactivity.
How can I view sandbagging?
  • Sandbagging is easy to view because it is marked as dubious.
  • A session is only marked as dubious due to sandbagging if it contains three instances of 2+ minutes of inactivity.

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