You can get this information three different ways:

From the dashboard:

  • The widget Study Time shows the number of minutes trained during a given week between Monday 00:00:00 - Sunday 23:59:59.
  • You can also set the Training Date Range in the selection boxes, and see summary statistics of your training. This is useful if your teacher sets your training week to be different from the Membean standard week.
  • In the chart below, the student trained for 35 minutes in the Membean standard week starting 7/4/16, and for 55 minutes in a customized week of 6/29/16-7/06/16.

From the beginning of a training session:

  • At the start of every training session, the time spent so far on any given standard Membean week is displayed:

From the activity log:

    You can also view your Activity Log, which will show you the details of your activities, including your training sessions in the preceding two week period.

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