You can access your Activity Log from the link available to it in the "All Learning Sessions" panel on your student dashboard:  

You will be taken to your activities for the past two weeks.  

A description of the various items logged and actions you can take from your Activity Log are shown below: 


A. Time Stamps: Log ins, training sessions, and assessments are all time stamped.

B. Session Details: Clicking on session details will give you a detailed overview of that particular training session, including things like accuracy, new words, and time spent. 

C. Assessment Details: Membean shows when assessments were issued, when they were started, and when they were finished. Clicking on assessment details will bring you to the assessment and score.

D. Log In Stamps: Membean tracks every time you visit your student dashboard.

E. Session Stamps: Membean tracks when you start and end your sessions.