Initial calibration is a quick best guess. It cannot predict with 100% accuracy every word you may or may not know.

One option, the IKT--or "I Know This"--button, gives you the choice to skip a word the first time you see it. Here are some of the ins and outs of the IKT button:

  • The IKT option is presented only when you see a new word for the first time, so you only get one chance to use it per word. IKT should only be used on words that are known well--if there are any doubts at all, the button should not be used.
  • IKT words are removed from the training stream, so a student will not see them again, except ...
  • In general, regular training is the key to making the best progress with Membean. Train for 15-minute sessions on alternate days (or 3 times per week), and you will see a good mix of new and review words.
  • IKT words are tested on quizzes to ensure that they are actually in a student's working vocabulary, hence skipping words via indiscriminate use of IKT is not a good idea! (n.b.: if you have skipped a word, you can unskip it.)

The IKT button always appears next to the headword in the upper right hand corner of a new word page.

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