Sometimes, teachers need to either enroll a transfer student, or incoming freshmen who used Membean at their old school.
  1. Have the student go through the enrollment process, making sure that they choose the option for an existing account.
    • Since Membean is a multi-year program, it is best if transfer students continue from where they left off.
    • When students go through the enrollment process, logging in with their existing account, Membean will transfer them over to their new school, and new class.
    • This will change the student's username to reflect their new school code. For example, if Harry Potter were to transfer from Hogwarts to Durmstrang, his username would change from harry_potter_hogwarts to harry_potter_durmstrang.
  2. If a student does not remember their password to log into their old account, they can reset it.

If the student doesn't have an email associated with their account, or can't remember their email, please email We will transfer the student to your class for you.

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