While Membean guides you through setting up your first class when you create your teacher account, this article will show you how to create additional classes from your teacher dashboard.

Step 1: Add a Class

From the first page of your dashboard, click on the "Add a Class" button.

Step 2: Add Class Information

Fill out the form to best fit your class' needs.

  1. Class Name
  2. Class Grade: Choose the correct grade for your class, even if your students are ELL or remedial. You will be able to adjust the difficulty of their word list with the ELL setting below. If you have a mixed grade class, you can split your students into separate classes. Your Membean class does not have to follow your roster.
  3. Week Start: This is the day that your Membean week starts on. If you want students to finish their training minutes by Tuesday night, you would set your Week Start to Wednesday.
  4. ELL Setting: This setting is beneficial for both ELL and remedial students and places them on a lower word list, slows down their pace of new words, and provides them with more time to answer questions.
  5. Weekly Goal: Setting a weekly goal is incredibly important for your class, as Membean makes internal decisions (like assessment readiness) based on your time goal. Learn more about time goals and editing them here.
  6. Email Reports: When you check this box, Membean will send you a weekly email report that summarizes your students' progress, and makes weekly grading easy and efficient.

Step 3: Save Your Class

Once your class is created, you can enroll your students.