This article will give you some recommendations on what to do the first day that you use Membean in class. We recommend students complete these tasks in class instead of homework, as it helps them take the enrollment and calibration process more seriously. If you’re looking for a complete lesson plan, check out our Introductory Lesson Plan & Slideshow.

Before you begin, you will need to have created your teacher account and your first class. You may also want to try training like a student.

Step 1: Enroll Your Students

Membean incorporates an easy self-enrollment method. Learn how to invite your students to enroll here.

Step 2: Show Your Students our Overview Video

The following overview will help get your students excited about Membean. We recommend playing it for them prior to enrolling to give them a brief introduction of how to get started and the learning process Membean uses.

Step 3: Give a Verbal Overview

  1. Explain your grading policy. Membean provides useful information to assist with grading here, but ultimately you decide how to best give credit. Students can set their own pace for training and are responsible for meeting their time goals. Let students know you will monitor the progress of every student each week. You may wish to show them an example of a report you will use.
  2. It may be a good idea to mention to your students that training is low stakes, and while engagement is important, they should feel comfortable getting questions wrong and returning to the word page to restudy.
  3. Explain how assessments work.
  4. Provide them with word learning strategies and the Membean Honor Code.
  5. Encourage fun, because Membean is an awesome way to learn words!