A student must know a word relatively well for it to be considered ready for an assessment. This article will explain the metrics we use to consider a word quiz-ready.

IKT (I Know This) words are always considered quiz-ready.

Word Memory Scores

Every word a student sees in training is assigned a memory score from 0 to 100. A word that’s just been studied or drilled is assigned a maximum score of 100. Over time the score decreases, reflecting a gradual degradation in the student's memory strength associated with a given word. Correctly answering a drill question on a word increases memory strength. Membean currently expects a word to have a score of at least 70 before it can be considered to be fair content for a assessment. This ensures that words which have a tenuous hold on memory are not needlessly tested.

Words Recently Introduced to the Student

Can a word that a student has seen recently appear on a quiz? Yes, if it meets the reasonableness criteria. If a new word was just seen and some questions answered shortly before a quiz is issued, the word is a reasonable candidate for a quiz. The expectation is that a diligent student should know this word because he or she just learned it.