After scheduling assessments, you may need to edit them. This article will walk you through the steps of editing scheduled assessments.

Step 1: The Class Assessments Tab

Click on the class for which you wish to edit your scheduled assessments.

Click on the assessments tab. Then, click on View Schedule.

Step 2: Editing a Single Scheduled Assessment

You will be given several options to edit your assessments.

  1. Changing question type and number

    Click on the assessment within the calendar view to adjust the assessment settings.

  2. Rescheduling the assessment

    You can also drag and drop assessments to different days.

Step 3: Editing All Scheduled Assessments

If you wish to edit all of the assessments in your schedule, it's best to clear your schedule and then reschedule your assessments.

  1. Schedule more assessments by clicking on the green Schedule Assessments button.
  2. Print your schedule.
  3. Clear schedule, or delete all scheduled assessments.