Time goals are one of the most critical parts of Membean. Not only will they make grading a whole lot easier, but they will ensure students are getting the most out of Membean training. This article will explain how you can set a time goal.

When Creating a Class

When you create a class, you will be given an option to create a time goal on the spot. If you choose to not edit the time goal, it will automatically be set to our default, which is three separate days for at least 15 minutes of training each day, equaling a total of 45 minutes for the week.

Editing Your Time Goal

If you decide to change your time goal, it's easy to do so from each class dashboard. From the first page of your teacher dashboard, click on the name of the class.

Once you do this, scroll down until you see the time goal. You can then edit it from here.

Students must meet all parts of the designated goal to have reached the goal for the week. In the image above, a student must train for at least 15 minutes on three separate days to hit the goal. They cannot, for example, train for 45 minutes on one day. They would be marked as not meeting the goal.

Weekly Emails

Upon creating your class or editing your time goal, you can choose to receive weekly emails. These emails will let you know which students met your time goal to make grading hassle-free.

Non-Standard Goals

Membean recommends students train on multiple days throughout the week, but some would like to set a goal based only on the total minutes trained. To do this use the goal guidelines as seen here, adjusting the weekly total minutes as needed.