Membean offers a wealth of training data. You can see every detail of each student training session. Understanding session details can help you talk with your student when you notice an issue with a training session or with training patterns. This article will help you understand some of the key components of session details.

Summary Information and Number of Sessions

Summary information shows training date, number of sessions, total time spent, new words, and questions correct/incorrect. This also displays how many sessions the student completed on this day, as well as the start and finish time of the current session that you are viewing.



The accuracy window shows the number of questions answered correctly, incorrectly, and the student's accuracy percentage. This window also lists the words the student got incorrect with the corresponding question type.


The activity window shows all detected inactive zones. An inactive zone is two or more minutes of no page interaction during a training session.

Review Pace

The review pace window shows the median time of word restudy. This window lists the review time spent on every word the student got wrong during the session.


The IKT (I Know This) use window shows the number of new words, new words skipped, and the percentage of new words skipped. This window also lists all new words seen and new words skipped.

Session Length

You can slide the black dot along the timeline to watch the progress of the training session. The graph shows the following information:

  • Whether the item seen was a question or a word page.
  • Whether the word page was presented for review or introduced as a new word.
  • Whether a question was answered correctly.
  • An approximate time used to answer the question or view the word page.

Suboptimal Categories

Suboptimal categories will be flagged as orange and offer a suggested fix.