Sandbagging occurs when a student purposely waits to answer training questions, or lingers on a word page without actually reviewing it. These behaviors are attempts to record training time with minimal engagement. We mark sandbagging as a dubious session. We also time students out of their sessions after several minutes of inactivity.

When a Student is Marked Sandbagging

A student who is training by taking time with the word will likely still be interacting with Memlets, such as clicking on the constellation, writing a Memory Hook, playing the video, etc. Interacting with Memlets and clicking around the page does not count as inactivity. Students will only be marked as sandbagging when they have three separate instances of inactivity within a session. By inactivity, we mean that the student hasn't clicked or scrolled in over two minutes.

Sandbagging is easy to see because we mark the session as dubious. Learn how to find out which students in your class have dubious minutes by clicking here.