This article will explain how you can set up a brand new teacher account if you have never used Membean before.

Check out our New Teacher Guide for everything you need to get started with Membean.

Receiving Your Email Invitation

If you have an administrator, or know colleagues who have a Membean account, they will be able to send you an invitation from their teacher dashboard. You can also receive a teacher invitation from Membean if you have been communicating with a representative.

You can also request an invitation for a teacher account from Membean support by emailing support@membean.com

If a colleague sends you a teacher invitation and you don't receive it, check your spam. You can also email support@membean.com for assistance.

Creating Your Account

To create your teacher account, click Join Membean from the Invitation email.

Fill in the information to create your username and password. We recommend that you use your school-issued email, and that your password is a minimum of 6 characters.

Click Join School. You will be brought to your new Teacher Dashboard.