This article will guide you through a smooth enrollment process on Membean.

We want you to have the smoothest on-boarding experience possible! Here are some quick tips to help you achieve a seamless class enrollment:

Ensure Students Enroll Properly

Make sure students go to the correct link to enroll: membean.com/enroll.

Sometimes, students will go to membean.com and enroll with a free-trial account by accident.

Because we cannot transfer these accounts into classes, these accounts need to be terminated ASAP. Please email support@membean.com to notify a team member, and have the student enroll correctly by going to membean.com/enroll.

Remind Returning Students to Use Existing Account

Membean is a multi-year program. When students return at the start of the new school year, they should log into their old accounts and continue training from where they left off.

To do this, they can (1) Go to membean.com/enroll (2) Enter the code for their new class (3) Log into their existing account

If a student has forgotten their password over the summer, you can reset the password of any student in your entire school from your teacher dashboard.

Students should not have duplicate accounts under any circumstance. This can lead to misplaced training time, which cannot be consolidated. If you suspect a student has a duplicate account, email support@membean.com and we will look into it.

Use Administrative Features

As a teacher, you can reset any student password, transfer a student, or remove a student from a class straight from your teacher dashboard.

Transferring Students Between Schools

Students transferring between schools will be able to do so organically by simply going to membean.com/enroll, entering their new class code, and logging in. If they don't remember their password, you can email support@membean.com to get it reset.