If you work for a district where multiple schools use Membean, you may need to transfer a student from another school into your class. Since Membean is a multi-year program, it's best if students continue with their progress in-tact. This article will walk you through what you need to know to transfer the student to their new class and school.

The Enrollment Process

The easiest way to transfer the student to their new school is to have them go through Membean's standard enrollment process. It's important to make sure that they choose an option for an existing account.

If you have already created a new account for the student at your school, you must delete this account prior to the student attempting to transfer, or the transfer attempt will fail.

Once the student transfers to their new school, their username will change to reflect their new school code. For example, if Harry Potter were to transfer from Hogwarts to Durmstrang, his username would change from harry_potter_hogwarts to harry_potter_durmstrang.

Resetting the Student's Password

In order to transfer to their new school, the student must remember their password to log into their account. If they do not remember their password but have an email associated with their account, they can reset it.

If the student doesn't have an email associated with their account, or can't remember their email, please email support@membean.com. We will transfer the student to your class for you.