The Membean Writing Assignment is a challenging exercise that incorporates creative writing, has length restrictions, presents a starting cue that provides context, and gives the student an abundance of choices on both words and cues. This article will show you how to use writing assignments.

If you teach high school classes, you can request that the beta for writing assignments be turned on now by emailing support@membean.com

From the Student's Perspective

While this assignment is challenging, the student is given an abundance of choices in selecting a word or cue. If you issue a 5-word assignment, the student is given at least 10 words with each word having 3 cue choices.

From the Teacher's Perspective: Creating and Grading

How to Issue a Writing Assignment

Once the feature is enabled for your class, click the new "Assignments" tab on your class dashboard.

Upon clicking "Create Assignment", you will be prompted to choose the number of words and the due date in the drop-down window.

When students have completed the assignment, you can click on the assignment and choose to grade all assignments, or grade a single assignment. You can accept or reject each sentence, or issue a score for the assignment as a whole. You also have the option to leave comments on each sentence.