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Students and teachers may reach out because of a message or alert that they saw during training. This article reviews the alerts students may see during training and gives guidance on what they mean and how to respond. 

Take a Break

This notification is seen a lot by students but not much by Support. Students see the Take a Break screen at the end of their study sessions. The minutes reflect the length of time they spent studying. 

This alert is given after the student reaches the end of their time and clicks Next on a word page or answers a question. If the student studies for 15 minutes but does not click Next until the 16 minute mark, then they will have a 16 minute session even if they selected a 15 minute session length.

Students are not given the choice to continue training at this point. However, they can go back to their dashboard and initiate another training session if they choose. 

If students are "missing minutes" because they are idling on word pages, tell the teacher what is happening and that students need to proceed through questions and word pages, spending only a couple minutes reviewing pages, until they are told to Take a Break! 

Stable Memory

When a student's teacher turns off new words, the student can still train. However, once the Membean Adaptive Reinforcement Engine (MARE) has reviewed all the words that need reinforcing, the student will get a Stable Memory message. They can continue to train, but they will be reinforcing words that are already stable. 

What to do...

If a student reports this message:

  • Copy their teacher on the message

  • Tell the student to talk to their teacher about new words, indicating that it's the teacher's decision to turn on new words. 

If a teacher reports this message:

  • Tell them why the student received the message

  • Tell them they can turn on new words in the student's preferences

  • Include the article, Stopping the Introduction of New Words, and let them know they can follow the steps in reverse.

  • If you deem it appropriate, enable new words for the student and give the teacher the above information for future reference.


The Yoda message is rare. Students see Yoda when they click Back and then Forward on their browser to try and answer a question again. It appears and then disappears a few seconds later, and the student is taken to the restudy word page for the question they missed. Students will probably not send a screenshot because the message doesn't stay for long. 

Click here to see Yoda in action. 

What to do:

  • Explain why the student saw Yoda
  • Tell the student they will avoid Yoda by avoiding the back arrow on their browser

Session Closed due to Inactivity 

When a student spends more than six minutes on a word page, the trainer will close due to inactivity. When the student clicks Next after letting the trainer idle, they are taken to their dashboard and given this message.

If a student does not reload the word page by clicking Next, the student will not see this message. Some students let the trainer idle, thinking they are earning minutes, and when their time is done, they exit the browser tab.

What to do: 

  • Explain why the student saw the error message
  • Explain that minutes spent idling do not count toward training minutes. If the trainer closes due to inactivity, Membean only records the time spent training before the last word page.
  • Encourage the student to explore 2 or 3 features on the word page and then move on. Most students only need to spend 45 to 90 seconds on a word page at one time.

Membean Cannot Connect

When a student cannot connect to Membean, they are given these messages. 

In very rare cases, students will see these errors because Membean's servers are down. If this is the case, you will see an outage report on Membean's Status Page. Someone will also have posted it on Slack.

These errors are almost always caused by an issue with the student's Internet connection. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about this. However, we can offer some advice. 

What to do if the student is training at school: 

  • Quit the browser and restart the device, installing any available updates
  • Suggest the student connect with the IT department to have their WiFi card and Internet settings checked

What to do if the student is training from home:

  • Explain that the student is having connectivity issues
  • Recommend that the student try the following: 
    • Quit the browser and restart the device 
    • Train on a device that is connected to the Internet router with an ethernet cord
    • Sit closer to the WiFi router when they train
    • Train during low traffic times when others in their household are not using the Internet heavily