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When students and teachers encounter problems with assessments, it can cause incredible stress. This article discusses common assessment issues and how to address them. When responding to assessment-related queries, remember that you are likely dealing with a vexed student or teacher. 

If a student encounters an error while taking an assessment or has any other assessment issues, always include the teacher in the conversation. If a student let an assessment expire, the teacher needs to give the okay to reissue it. If the student reaches out for an explanation of a missed question, the teacher needs to know that the student had a question and how we responded to it. Any decision about issuing, reissuing, or grading of assessments should be left to the teacher.

Student Wasn't Issued an Assessment

If a student was not issued an assessment, start with viewing the assessment roster. 

Does the student's name appear on the roster?

If not, then the student is not enrolled in the teacher's class. Find the student's account, and solve the ticket like an enrollment issue. Once the student is in the teacher's class, the teacher can reissue the assessment for that student. 

If the student is on the roster and the name appears in green, try to figure out why the teacher is reporting that it wasn't issued. For example, did the quiz expire before the student took it? 

If the student is on the roster and the name appears in black, then the student is in the teacher's class but was not issued an assessment. There are two reasons this will occur: the student wasn't prepared or the student was not enrolled at the time of issue.

First, check to see if the assessment was forced. If not, then the student was likely not prepared for the quiz at the time of reissue. The teacher can force the assessment by reissuing it. 

If the quiz was forced, then the student wasn't in the class at the time of issue. Confirm this through the student's activity log, and then tell the teacher why the assessment wasn't issued. If appropriate based on your interaction with the teacher, you can reissue the assessment. If you are unsure, let the teacher know that all the need to do is reissue the assessment. Include the article Reissuing an Assessment

Student's Assessment Score is Not Reporting

If a student took an assessment, their score will be available in the assessment roster and on the assessment linked in their activity log. Here are a few ways to investigate: 

  • Check the assessment roster to see how the quiz is reporting. If it is expired or not started, then the student has not taken it. If it is marked as suspicious, then respond to the teacher with information about how assessments are flagged for cheating. 

  • Check the student's activity log. If the student's quiz has not been taken, check their activity log to see if they took an assessment recently. Sometimes, students will have two active quizzes because a previous quiz was reissued. If the student took an assessment, you will need to identify which assessment was reissued, so you can clearly communicate the situation to the teacher. 

Sometimes teachers report that a score is not reporting because a student is not enrolled in the class. If the student isn't enrolled, let the teacher know and solve as appropriate. 

Student's Assessment is Flagged as Suspicious 

If a student's assessment is flagged as suspicious, a notice will appear in the assessment summary that says, "What does Suspicious mean?" and links to information about this flag. However, some teachers do not see this or reissue the assessment before reading it. Here is the information provided by that link: 

Summarize this information for the teacher and include the article, Anti-Cheat Feature for Assessments.

If a student reaches out about an assessment that has been flagged as suspicious, you can provide the reasons why this happens. Copy the teacher on the ticket and encourage the student to contact them. 

Submission Error

Sometimes students will receive an error when they try to submit their assessment. Most of the time, the quiz will re-submit successfully shortly after it fails. However, if a student logs out of Membean before it does, then it will not submit. If this occurs, first check to see if the system produced an Error with Assessment ticket. If it did, then you can manually submit the student's assessment. See the next section for directions. If the system did not send a ticket, then the student will need to log back into Membean on the same device they used to take the quiz. Membean stores their answers locally, so the assessment will re-submit once the student logs in. 

Error with Assessment Ticket

If a student's assessment does not submit, a ticket will be generated with the title "Error with Assessment ID: XXXXXXXXX." These tickets should be marked Urgent and processed immediately. 

  1. Merge tickets from the same assessment. 
  2. Go to

  3. Copy and paste the assessment information from the ticket and submit.

  4. You will get a confirmation that the assessment submitted successfully or a notification that the assessment had already submitted successfully. 

  5. Make a note of the result and close the ticket. 

Student Claims they Cannot Change their Answers

Students are not prevented from changing their answers before they submit their assessments. However, we do see reports of this issue from time to time. Usually, students use this as a reason to retake an assessment when they aren't happy with their score. Like all reports of aberrant browser behavior, this one can be difficult to disprove without the use of Full Story. 

Begin by assuring the teacher that Membean does not prevent students from changing their answers. If you deem it appropriate, activate Full Story on the student's account. Tell the teacher that you have enabled enhanced analytics that will allow us to identify any issues with the student's assessments in the future. Ask the teacher to let us know the next time the student takes an assessment, so we can review the data. 

Duplicate Assessments

This issue generally arises when teachers misunderstand the difference between Create Assessments and Schedule Assessments. If a teacher says that they scheduled an assessment, but students can take it now, then they likely created an assessments that was issued immediately and scheduled one for the future.

To confirm that this happened, open the assessment that is currently active. If the teacher "created" it, then the details will say that it was "manually assigned". Assessments that are scheduled will be labeled "scheduled." 

To help the teacher: 

  • Use screenshots to show that one of the assessments was manually created.

  • Explain that they do not have to "create" an assessment before scheduling one and that the Create Assessments tool generates a quiz that is issued immediately.

  • Link the articles Creating an Assessment and Scheduling and Editing Assessments

  • Assure the teacher that they can delete this assessment without disrupting their scheduled assessments.

Option to Print Assessment not Appearing 

A teacher can only print assessments if they have Printable Assessments enabled in their teacher preferences. If a teacher reports that they cannot print assessments, first check this setting. 

If the teacher did not have this setting activated, enable it and let the teacher know. Include the article Printing an Assessment to assist them. 

If the teacher has this setting enabled, it's likely that they are trying to print an assessment that the student has already taken. Tell them that an assessment can only be converted to printable before the student takes it. If they need to print the quiz, then they can reissue the assessment and print the new quiz. You may want to let them know that reissuing the assessment will delete the current score and create a unique quiz. 

Sometimes the teacher will send the name of the student. If they do, confirm that the teacher cannot print the assessment because the student has already taken it. However, do not reissue the quiz unless the teacher explicitly requests it.

Missed Quiz Question 

Typically students send these types of tickets, but we do occasionally see them from teachers. If a student has a question about why they missed a multiple choice question, you can answer them (remember to copy the teacher). Include the Membean definition of the word (you can find it by going to, the quiz question that was missed, and a brief explanation of why the student's answer was incorrect and how the correct answer matches the definition of the word.

If a student has a question about a SATA question

  1. Thank them for sending their question and tell them you have forwarded their inquiry to our Content team who will be getting back to them shortly. 
  2. Send the response and set the ticket to Pending.
  3. Tag the ticket for the Content team and assign it to Rachael. 
  4. Write a note that includes the SATA question from the assessment and the teacher's email. Rachael does not have access to the Membean database; this information ensures she is able to respond to the student and include the teacher. Message Rachael on Slack to let her know that you assigned her a ticket.