You can train on Membean too!
  1. Log in to Membean at
  2. From your dashboard, simply use the drop-down menu next to your name and select Train. 

Advantages of training like a student:

  • You can see what the calibration process is like.
  • You can explore the word pages.
  • You can see the different questions that appear.
  • You can experience how words are introduced and how learning is reinforced.
  • You can train on many different devices - school computer, home computer, phone - and verify that your minutes are always captured!
  • You can look at your own activity log to see how your time is tracked and explore your session details.
  • You can adjust your own settings on your account to see how that affects your training.

Currently, training as a student is restricted to the trainer. You cannot issue yourself assessments or writing assignments.

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