Since our assessments are personalized, students only need to do their regular training to prepare for them. There is no additional assessment preparation necessary. A student must know a word relatively well for it to be considered ready for an assessment. This article will explain the metrics we use to consider a word quizzable. 

IKT (I Know This) words are always considered quizzable.

Quizzable Words

We assign every word a student has ever encountered on Membean a memory score from 0 to 100. Because words move in and out of memory, this score is updated every 24 hours. Words we deem quizzable have a memory score of at least 70 to ensure that words that are weak in a student's memory are not tested. 

Memory scores fluctuate based on a variety of factors, such as when a student last encountered a word and the difficulty of the questions they've answered about the word. To reflect the gradual decline of memory strength as time passes, memory scores decrease accordingly. Correctly answering a question on a word increases its memory strength. 

Students' performance on assessments is related to how consistently they have trained. You can assure your students that if they have trained regularly, then they should not have to worry about preparing for assessments.

Words Recently Introduced

A student may see a recently introduced word on a quiz. If a new word was introduced at least 7 days ago and questions answered shortly before a quiz was issued, the word is a reasonable candidate for a quiz. While these words would not yet be stable in the student's memory, they were strong when the quiz was issued. Quizzes only stay live for a short period of time keep this fair.

The expectation is that a diligent student should know the word because they just learned it. A small number of quiz questions are dedicated to testing this learning diligence. They determine if students are paying attention to recently learned material or if they're rushing through the learning. 

Forcing an Assessment

If you "force" an assessment by issuing it to All Students instead of Prepared Students, some of the words on a student's assessment may have poor memory strength. Normally, there would never be words on an assessment that a student has not yet encountered. However, if a student has trained very little, forcing an assessment can generate questions for unseen words because the student has not seen enough words to fulfill the number of questions on the assessment.