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I'm a teacher getting started with Membean.

This guide explains a few things that you need to know about creating classes and getting students started.

I'm a student using Membean for the first time.

This guide explains how a new student enrolls on Membean and gets started with the training program.


Articles on enrollment, reports, assessments and best practices.


Learn how to enroll, reset passwords and train effectively on Membean.


Principal or Department Chair? Create your account and check school activity.


Product Questions

Considering Membean? Learn more here.

Student Accounts

Learn how to enroll and manage your students.


Learn how the Membean trainer works and how to control it.


See how you can monitor student progress and activity.


Learn more about issuing and scheduling assessments.

Best Practices

Read about Membean's training and grading recommendations.

Teacher Resources

Brochure, emails and parent flyers.