Since our assessments are personalized, students only need to do their regular training to prepare for an assessment. There is no additional assessment preparation necessary.

Quizzable Words

Students will only be assessed on words they have adequately learned. Learn about what constitutes a quizzable word here.

Words a student marked as IKT (I Know This) can appear on an assessment at any time.

Students' performance on assessments is related to how consistently they have trained. You can assure your students that if they have trained regularly, then they should not have to worry about preparing for assessments.

Forcing an Assessment

If you "force" an assessment, some of the words on a student's assessment may have poor memory strength. Learn more about forcing an assessment here. Normally, there would never be words on an assessment that a student has not yet encountered. However, if a student has trained very little, forcing an assessment can generate questions for unseen words, because the student has not seen enough words to fulfill the number of questions on the assessment.