Membean offers a wealth of data, including all of the details of each individual training session. Understanding these details can help you identify and address suboptimal training behaviors. This article will show you how to access the Session Inspector and explain what information you can find there. 

Accessing the Session Inspector

Step 1: Click on the class you want to view.

Step 2: Click on a student's Goal Met column. This shows all the days training has occurred for the current cycle or custom time frame you've selected.

You can also access the Session Inspector from any column on your report or from the student's activity log.

Step 3: Click on any day under the Date column to get to the Session Inspector. 

Parts of the Session Inspector

The Session Inspector provides important insights about the student's training on a particular date. 

  1. Summary: this section provides totals for all training sessions completed on this date. 
  2. Session Tabs: each training session has its own tab. In the example above, the student completed two separate sessions on this date. Toggle between session tabs to view their respective details. Sessions with alerts present have the alert icon. 
  3. Alerts Banner: if any alerts were triggered during a training session, you'll see the banner detailing those alerts. If you do not see a banner, no alerts were present. 
  4. Lollipop Chart: this section allows you to follow how a training session progressed. Hover over any bar to get additional information. 
  5. Training Details: each category in this section is expandable to give you specific details. If any alerts were present, the section will be highlighted and include a suggested fix. 

Lollipop Chart Section

The lollipop chart allows you to see exactly how a training session progressed. The y-axis shows how long students spent on each word or question. The x-axis shows which words were seen. The bars are color-coded and use specific symbols to indicate the student's interaction with the word. Hover over any bar to get more information. 

Training Details Section

Accuracy: this section shows the number of questions answered correctly versus incorrectly and the student's accuracy percentage. You will also see the words the student got incorrect with the corresponding question type. If a student's accuracy falls below 50%, the accuracy alert will be triggered. If the accuracy falls below 30%, the session will be marked as dubious. 

Activity: this section shows any inactive zones that were detected. An inactive zone means there was at least two minutes of no interaction with the page. If there are more than 3 instances of inactivity in a single training session, the activity alert will be triggered.

Review Pace: this section shows the median time the student spent restudying words. Each time a student answers a question incorrectly, they have the opportunity to restudy the word. You can see exactly how much time was spent doing so for each incorrect word. If the student's median restudy pace is fewer than 10 seconds, the review pace alert will be triggered. 

Session Length: this section tells you the length of the training session. Students should avoid excessively long or excessively short training sessions. If the student's training session is fewer than 5 minutes or greater than 45 minutes, the session length alert will be triggered. 

Skipped Words: this section shows the words that the student marked as IKT (I Know This). Students are only able to skip words when they are first introduced. Students should skip familiar words so that they can use their time efficiently. If the student skips more than half of the words introduced, the skipped words alert will be triggered. 

What to Do With Alerts

Since alerts indicate that suboptimal training behavior was detected, you'll want to take action. You'll be able to easily identify which alerts were present in the alert banner above the lollipop chart. The correlating details section will be highlighted in red and automatically expanded as well. We offer a Suggested Fix for each alert to help you help your student train more effectively. 

If you have any questions about a student's training or need additional guidance, please reach out to us at support@membean.com