Multi-correct sentence questions are available for both middle and high school classes. These are SATA style (select all that apply) questions that are multiple choice but could have one or more choices that are correct. This article will show you what these questions look like, and how you can incorporate them into your assessments.

Multi-correct sentence questions are included in an assessment by default. Teachers can choose how many questions appear within each assessment or to disable this question type.

Multi-Correct Sentence Questions

This new question type is harder than other assessment questions. They are also exclusive to assessments. Students will not see these questions during training.

When the student begins the assessment, multi-correct sentence questions will appear scattered within the assessment itself. Teachers can select how many questions they woud like to include on the quiz when creating or scheduling the assessment. Each question will include explicit instructions, along with checkboxes instead of radio buttons.

The student must check all of the correct answers, and only the correct answers to receive credit for the question. No partial credit is given. For example, the following question is answered incorrectly, so the student receives no credit.

The following question is also answered incorrectly:

On this question, only the correct answers are marked, so the student receives credit:

How to Enable These Questions

If your class is an ESL class or most of your students are on our lower school word list, you will not be seeing this new question type. Students on the lower school word list will not receive these questions on assessments.

The new type of question is optional. You will have the ability to toggle the option upon creating the assessment OR scheduling the assessment. You also have the option to select how many multi-choice multi-correct questions you would like to include on the assessment.


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