Whether or not you have used Membean before, you will need to enroll into a class at the start of a new year or term. Enrolling into a class will allow your teacher to keep track of your Membean training. This article will show you how to enroll.

Step 1: Click on the Special URL or Enter the Class Code

Your teacher will have either shared a special URL or class code with you. If they shared the special URL, click the link and skip to Step 2. If they shared the class code, you'll need to go to membean.com/enroll, enter it, and click Join Your Class.

Step 2: Log In or Create Your Account

You will be asked if you already have a Membean account. Click Yes, I've used it last year to sign into your old account and transfer it to your new teacher, or click No, I need a new account to create one. 

Duplicate accounts cannot be combined. Do not create a new account if you have trained on Membean within the last year. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it.

Logging In to an Existing Account

If you used Membean last year, when you click Yes, I've used it last year you'll be able to log in to that old account and transfer it to your new teacher.

Enter your username and password in the fields provided. If you do not remember your password, click Forgot Password? and we will email you a link to reset it. If you used Google to sign in to Membean last year, click Sign in with Google

Once you sign in, you will be asked to confirm your details. If your details look good, click Let's get started to be taken to your dashboard. 

Everything from your old account will transfer over to your new school/teacher.

Creating a New Account

If you haven't used Membean in the last year, you'll be able to create an account when you click No, I need a new account.

Enter your information in the fields provided and click Create Account.

You will be taken to a confirmation page. If everything looks good, click Let's get started to begin the calibration process.