Writing Assignments are a unique feature of Membean, and they allow your students to demonstrate mastery of their vocabulary by writing original sentences. This article will show you how to create an assignment.

Step 1: Find the Class Writing Tab

Click on the class for which you wish to create a writing assignment.

Click on the Writing tab. Then, click on Create Writing Assignment.

Step 2: Customize Your Assignment

Membean offers many options for assignments:

  1. Number of words: Choose the number of words which you want students to write about.
  2. Minimum response requirement: Set the minimum character requirement for student responses.
  3. Include cue sentences:Choose if you want to include literary cues which students will use in their writing.
    Cue sentences will be included by default for high school classes.
  4. Due at: Set the date and time the assignment is due.

Once you are finished customizing your assignment, click the "Create Assignment" button.