Writing Assignments are a unique feature of Membean, and they allow your students to demonstrate mastery of their vocabulary by writing original sentences. This article will show you how to create an assignment.

Step 1: Find the Class Writing Tab

Click on the class for which you wish to create a writing assignment.

Click on the Writing tab. Then, click on Create Writing Assignment.

Step 2: Customize Your Assignment

Membean offers many options for assignments:

  1. Number of words: Choose the number of words that you want students to write sentences for.
  2. Minimum response requirement: Set the minimum character requirement for student responses.
  3. Include cue sentences: Choose if you want to include literary cues which students will use in their writing. These are lines from literature that use the target word. Students will build off that sentence with their own original work. Keep scrolling to see what this looks like.
    Cue sentences will be included by default for high school classes. 
  4. Due at: Set the date and time the assignment is due.

Once you are finished customizing your assignment, click the "Create Assignment" button.

Cue Sentences

Here is a look at what your students will see if you choose to include cue sentences in their assignment:

Here is what they will see if you do not include cue sentences: