Writing Assignments are a unique feature of Membean's, and they allow your students to demonstrate mastery of their vocabulary through writing. This article will show you how to create an assignment.

Step 1: Writing Tab

Click on a class

Click on the Writing tab. 

Step 2: Create Writing Assignment 

Click the Create Writing Assignment button. 

Step 3: Assignment Creation Form

Membean offers many options for you to customize your assignments:

  1. Assignment Details: Determine how many words students will be assigned to write sentences for and when the assignment is due. 
  2. Cue Sentences: There are three different styles of cue sentences. Select which type you'd like students to see. If you want students to write their own sentences without any cues, uncheck Include Cue Sentences.
  3. Optional Instructions: We will give students instructions when they start the assignment, and you can add your own instructions, too.
  4. Advanced Options: Expanding this section allows you to change the minimum word count and number of words students will have to choose from when writing their sentences.

Once you are finished customizing your assignment, click the Create Assignment button.