Teachers have the option to receive grading reports via email. These emails make it easy to see how your students are doing at a glance, and whether or not they are meeting their training expectations. This article will show you how to set up grading report emails.

Class Creation Wizard

Membean guides you through a class creation wizard the first time you create a class. Step 4: Set Weekly Goal provides an option to receive grading report emails.

Editing a Class

You can also check whether or not you wish to receive grading report emails when editing a class.

  1. Click on the Edit Class icon.
  2. Check the box to receive grading report emails, and then click Save.

Grading Report Emails

Grading report emails provide you with an overview of the number of students who met your goal for the previous cycle, as well as the names of the students who did not meet your goal.

You can either view a detailed report of the previous cycle or update your subscription preferences by scrolling to the bottom of the email.