This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Membean reports. For an even more detailed breakdown, check out our Training Reports Guide.

How do I edit a report?

You can edit your report from the drop-down menu above the report. Click on the pencil icon to edit columns and alerts.

How do I sort columns?

By default, your report is sorted alphabetically. You can change this by clicking on different column headers. For example, if you want your report go by who met the week's training goals, click on the Goal Met header.

How do I view the current cycle?

By default, reports will display the last completed cycle. To view the current cycle, click on the right arrow near the date range once.

How do I set a custom date range?

To set a custom date range, click on the dates displayed. You can then choose a pre-set range or manually choose the range.

How do I read the Assessments column?

The Assessments column of your report provides your students' quiz scores or averages for the cycle or date range being displayed. If a student completes more than one quiz during that time, you'll notice the total number of points for quizzes completed during the time from. If you normally view your quiz scores in percentages, you'll see a number in parentheses after their average to indicate how many quizzes were completed. 

In the example below, Gail Godwin took two quizzes this cycle, scoring a total of 21 out of 30 possible points. Sylvia Plath only took one quiz and scored an 12 out of 15 possible points.

If you view your assessment scores in total points, you will see the points reflect this same information. 

If you reissue an old quiz, the score will show up on the Assessments column during the training cycle that the student completed it, not when it was originally assigned.

How do I export my report?

You can export your report by clicking on the paper icon in the top right-hand corner. 

When you click Export Data, a CSV file will be sent to you via email.

How do I print my report?

You can print your report directly from the page by using the print function on your browser.

How can I set expectations for total minutes and not require a certain number of days?

If you'd like to set your training expectations to focus solely on total minutes, you can change the number of training days to 1 and minutes per day to 5 while keeping total minutes at the number you want your students to train each week.