In the new Grading Reports interface, the location of some features has changed. This article will explain where you can find these features now.

Editing Your Report

You can edit your report from the drop-down menu above the report. Click on the pencil icon to edit columns and alerts.

Sorting Columns

By default, your report is sorted by who met your class goal and who did not. You can change this by clicking on different column headers. For example, if you want your report to go alphabetically, click on the Name header.

View Current Cycle

By default, reports will display the last completed cycle. To view the current cycle, click on the right arrow near the date range once.

Setting a Custom Date Range

To set a custom date range, click on the dates displayed. You can then click on the pre-set ranges, or manually choose the range.

Exporting Your Report

You can export your report by clicking on the paper icon in the top right-hand corner. A .csv file will be sent to you via email.

Printing Your Report

You can print your report directly from the page by using the print function on your browser.

Setting Expectations that Only Focus on Total Minutes

If you'd like to set your training expectations to focus solely on total minutes, you can change the number of training days to 1 and minutes per day to 5 while keeping total minutes at the number you want your students to train each week.