Assessments are differentiated by nature: each student will receive a unique quiz based on their own training. You can take this a step further by adjusting the length and difficulty of your assessments for specific students. This article will show you how and explain why to adjust quiz parameters. 

Adjusting Quiz Parameters

When you create a quiz, you determine the length of the assessment and how many SATA questions should be included. You can then adjust the length and difficulty for particular students as needed by reissuing the assessment with new parameters. 

Step 1: Reissue the assessment.

Click Reissue from the drop-down to the right of the student.

If there are multiple students you'd like to make the same adjustments for, check the box to the left of their names and click Bulk Reissue from the Bulk Actions drop-down. 

Step 2: Adjust the number of questions and/or number of SATA questions. Once you've made your adjustments, click Reissue

The student(s) will receive a new assessment based on your updated parameters. 

Why do this?

Have a student who struggles with Membean quizzes? Another who needs more of a challenge? We know the ability levels within your classes often vary. Adjusting the length and difficulty of assessments is a great way to make sure your students are being adequately challenged without being overwhelmed. 

For struggling students, you may want to lessen the number of questions or SATA questions included in the assessment. For ELL/Remedial students, you may want to remove SATA questions completely. 

To increase the rigor for students who need more of a challenge, increase the number of questions and/or SATA questions.