Your Training Report defaults to the previous training cycle. There may be times when you need to view data outside of that date range. This article will show you how to view data from particular dates and save those filters for future reference. 

Customize Your Report View

Step 1: Click on the dates at the top of your report. 

Step 2: Pick a preset date tag or enter your own dates. The Training Expectation fields will update accordingly. Once you have the dates you'd like, click Apply

Your report will update to reflect data from those particular dates. 

Save Your Report

If you'd like to access this customized view in the future, you can save these filters. 

Step 1: Click Save Report

Step 2: Name your report, and select whether you'd like to keep those specific dates or have the report automatically update with relative dates. Click Save Report

Access it Again

You can access all of your saved reports at any time under the Grading Report dropdown.