Student Achievement Certificates can help you to recognize, motivate, and encourage your students. You can generate certificates by class, and each certificate is customized to showcase how many minutes the student has trained this school year and how many words they have encountered. This article will show you how to generate Student Achievement Certificates. 

Click the Student Achievement Certificate Button

You can find this button on your teacher dashboard right beneath your class tiles.

Make Your Selections

Decide who you'd like to generate certificates for, how you'd like them organized, and whether you'd like them to be color or black-and-white.

  1. All of your classes will be checked by default. You can uncheck or recheck classes as needed. 
  2. If you plan to use email or another method of electronic delivery, choose to download individual certificate files. Every student will have their own separate PDF. If you plan to print certificates, choose to download one certificate file. All of the student certificates will be included in one single PDF. 
  3. You can print certificates in full color or in black and white. Once you've made your selection, click Generate Certificates. You'll see a success banner at the top of your screen to let you know they're being generated. 

Download from Your Email

You will receive an email when your certificates are ready. Click Download Certificates

This will download a zip file with all of your Student Achievement Certificates organized by class. As noted in the email, the download link will only remain active for a few days since we want your certificates to show up-to-date information. 

Sample Certificates

The full-color option is ideal for electronic delivery. It uses quite a bit of ink.

The black and white option is a printer-friendly version that's perfect for handing out hard copies of the certificates.