Membean maintains the highest standards for educational content, ensuring age appropriateness, cultural sensitivity, and professionalism for schools worldwide. Our content provides relevant context and scaffolding for all words and is developed with rigorous internal standards.

Our Standards

The Content Team develops new content and reviews existing content on an ongoing basis to ensure it is engaging and meets carefully defined criteria such as the following:

  1. Accessibility for diverse learning needs, learning impairments, and cultural relevance.
  2. Age appropriateness for content and sources that are suitable and relatable for our users: content does not contain references to or depictions of expletives, sexual content, or overt violence. 
  3. Cultural sensitivity for diverse viewpoints and cultural aspects: content does not contain derogatory or comparative comments about any ethnic, racial, religious, or cultural group and does not advocate a narrow set of political, religious, or other values or endorse a particular product or person.