Sometimes teachers like to organize their classes by color, so we automatically apply color accents based on class names. This article will show you how to assign colors to your classes. 

Step 1: Edit the Class

From your Teacher Dashboard, click the edit icon on the class you'd like to assign a color. 

Step 2: Add the Color to the Class Name

Include the color you'd like to assign to the class in the class name and click Save. It doesn't matter where in the class name you include the color; as long as it's in there, you'll be all set! For example, Period 1 Yellow, Period 1 (yellow), and Yellow Period 1 would all result in the same thing: a yellow class. 

Step 3: Check the Class Tile

You will now see the color that you included in the class name along the top of the class tile. You will also see it when you click into the class. 

What colors are available?

We offer the following colors: blue, Columbia blue, gold, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. 

We have included different shades of each color as well, so you can use the same color and get a different shade up to three times.