You need to have a class created in order to have students enroll in the class. For more information on how to create a class, please see: How can I create a class?
  1. Fetch your class token. For a newly-created class, the token is prominently displayed. For an existing class, click into the Class Name from your dashboard and the token is in the upper left.
  2. Have your students go to and enter the class token.
  3. They will then select whether or not they have an account.
    • New students will be prompted to fill out their name, email, and create a password
    • Returning students will be prompted to log in.

Students who have forgotten the user name or email used on the previous account, and/or the password they used, can contact us at [email protected] to retrieve this information. You can also reset the password of any student within your school with the following instructions: My student cannot log in. Under no circumstances should a returning student create a duplicate account.

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