If a colleague is trying to send you a teacher invite and you aren't receiving it, you can email [email protected], and we will send one to you directly. We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our emails get to you. If we cannot communicate with you it makes it hard to work together. We follow anti-spam guidelines vigorously and use world-class email delivery systems. The vast majority of non-delivery issues are due to email policies or errors at the school or district level.

Check Your Spam Folder

Email can sometimes be tagged as spam despite our best efforts. Please check your spam folder. Many email clients allow you to mark an email as "not spam". Move the email from your spam folder to your regular inbox if your email client allows you to do that.

Talk to Your Colleagues

Did any of your colleagues receive email from Membean and you did not? This could indicate a technical problem with your email. Talk to your school's system administrator and she can help you with this.

Talk to Your System Administrator

Let your school administrator know that [email protected] should be on their email whitelist. At the start of the school year we often send multiple emails to teachers. Some district emailing systems look at the sudden spike of email from [email protected] and think that it might be spam and actively block these emails. While our emailing systems indicate that the email has reached your school, you don't receive it! Please talk to your system administrator, in most cases, this can be easily fixed.

If your school system administrator has any questions, please encourage them to talk to us at [email protected] One of our technologists will be happy to talk to them at any time!