Many schools have firewalls (or proxies) that block website traffic.  Sometimes Membean (and its dependent subdomains) need to be "whitelisted" to allow important (and safe) resources to pass through.

You can add the Membean dependencies by adding the following as pass-throughs to your firewall:

  • *
  • * (dns speed-ups/protection)
  • * (optional avatars)
  • *, *, * (google charts/analytics, fonts)
  • (support ticketing/help system)
  • (fonts)
  • (spreadsheet-like tables)

Some additional functionality for teachers may require also adding the following:

  • * (help chat)
  • (real-time info/updates)

Please let us know by contacting support if you see any traffic still being blocked.  Depending on your firewall software, you may need to also include the (top-level domain (TLD) in addition to a wildcard; e.g., include the widlcard * and also the TLD