Sometimes you'll need to transfer students within your own classes, transfer them from another teacher at your school into your class, or even transfer them from a different school where they previously used Membean. This article will explain how to transfer students who already have a Membean account created. If a student doesn't have a Membean account yet, they can simply enroll into your class.

Transferring Students with an Account at Your school

You have access to all of the students with accounts at your school even if they are not enrolled in one of your classes. To transfer a student who already has an account at your school, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: From your teacher dashboard, scroll down until you locate the "Transfer/Drop a Student" widget, and begin typing the student's name in the field provided.

Step 2: When the student's name appears, click Transfer.

Step 3: Use the drop-down menu to select the class you wish to transfer the student into, and click Transfer

You will see a green banner indicating the successful transfer.

Students can also transfer themselves to a different class by navigating to their settings page and changing classes. They will need to know your class code in order to do so. Click here for instructions to share with your students.

Transferring Students with an Account from a Different School

Since Membean is a multi-year program, it's best if students continue with their old account rather than creating a new one. The easiest way to transfer a student to your school is to have them go through Membean's standard enrollment process, during which they'll be asked if they already have a Membean account. Make sure they choose the option for an existing account when prompted, and this will transfer them to your school.  

In order for the transfer to go through, the student will log into their old account. This means they'll need to remember their old login information. If they do not remember their password but had an email associated with their account, they can reset it.  If they don't have an email associated with their account or can't remember it, please email support@membean.com, and we will transfer the student for you. 

Once a student transfers to your school, their username will automatically change to reflect your school code. For example, if Harry Potter were to transfer from Hogwarts to Durmstrang, his username would change from harry_potter_hogwarts to harry_potter_durmstrang

If a student already has a new account at your school, you will need to contact support@membean.com to delete that account prior to transferring the student. Otherwise, the system will recognize that it is a duplicate account and the transfer attempt will fail.