Membean works best when students' training sessions are short and spaced throughout the week. This ensures they truly remember the words they learn, and that they stay engaged for the entirety of their session. This article will provide information on exactly the kind of sessions that we recommend.

Training per Week

Membean recommends a minimum of 30 training minutes per week and a maximum of 60 minutes. This ensures the student trains consistently, and also doesn't become burned out on training. 

Sample Membean training schedules include: 

 a) 3 days, 15 minutes , 45 minutes total (recommended)

 b) 2 days, 20 minutes, 40 minutes total

 c) 2 days,  15 minutes, 30 minutes total (minimum)

Length of Sessions

We strongly recommend that long training sessions be avoided. Training more than 25 minutes in a single session or closely-spaced, same-day sessions are detrimental to memory and long-term learning.

Spacing Sessions Out

Training should occur at least on two different days, and up to four different days per week. It's better for students to train on non-consecutive days, as this is best for long-term retention.

Accommodating Learning Needs

Students in remedial or ESL programs should train more frequently, but for shorter sessions each time.

We also encourage our forward-thinking schools to consider differentiated homework. There's no reason every student should be assigned the same time goal each week.