Membean offers a variety of preferences that you can adjust for individual students, or in bulk, to help them get the most out of their training. This article will show you how to modify student training preferences. 

Step 1: Go to Your Student List

From your dashboard, expand "My Students" on the left-hand panel, and click on All My Students.

If you'd prefer to see your students organized by class instead of a roster of all your students, click the Students tab from within the class dashboard. 

Step 2: Locate the Student

Locate the student in the roster, click on their drop-down menu, and click on Preferences.

Step 3: Modify and Save Preferences

You will then see all of the training preferences we have available and be able to modify them as needed. Make sure to click Save Changes when you are done.

Modifying Training Preferences in Bulk

 If you have multiple students who need the same training preferences updated, you can save time by bulk updating them. Select multiple students using the checkbox to the left of their names, and a Bulk Actions menu will appear. 

Using the Bulk Actions drop-down menu, click Adjust Preferences

The preferences chosen will be applied to all students who were selected. Make sure to click Adjust Preferences to save your settings.