If you are issuing assessments to your students, you will need to be able to access the results in order to collect the scores. This article will explain how to do so.

Viewing Class Assessment Results

Click on the class you wish to view.

Click on the Assessments tab. Then, click on the assessment.

You will land on the Assessment Summary page which includes the results for that assessment and a variety of options. 

  1. A chart of students, their quiz status, scores, and a drop-down menu to view the assessment, reissue, or delete it
  2. A button to export these scores for your grade book
  3. A bar to help you see at a glance how many students have finished the assessment
  4. A checkbox to toggle between score and percentage
  5. A button to delete the assessment

Viewing a Student's Quiz

From the Assessment Summary page, click the drop-down menu for the student's assessment that you'd like to see, and click View.

At the top, you'll see how many words were on the assessment, the student's score, and how long it took them to complete. Below, you'll see the graded assessment in its entirety, including the responses the student selected. Correct answers are marked in green and incorrect answers in red. On incorrect questions, you'll see the response that was chosen versus the correct response. 

Viewing Assessment History

From the Assessments tab, click Assessment History to view all assessments ever given to the class. 

You will see a gradebook view of all the assessments that have been administered to the class and the students' assessment average. Click on any score to be taken to that particular assessment.