Membean offers auto-generated and graded assessments. These are personalized based on each student's individual training. This article will show you what to expect from Membean assessments. Click here for a more detailed guide about using the assessment feature. 

Question Types

Membean offers two question types: traditional multiple choice and multi-select questions.

The multiple choice questions give students 3-4 options, and students must select the correct answer.

The SATA questions (select-all-that-apply) present four sentences, one or more of which use the word correctly. The student must select all of the correct answers and only the correct answers to receive credit. You can learn more about multi-select questions and why we don't give partial credit here.

Quiz Format

See the sample quiz below. This is the format students will see once they begin an assessment. It opens in full screen mode to prevent distractions or the temptation to open a new tab or program. You can learn more about anti-cheat settings here.

Time Allotted for Quizzes

Membean assessments are timed and will auto-submit when the timer runs out. Below is a table of the amount of time students have for quizzes. The time is based on the student's grade level and the number of questions on the quiz. Including SATA questions on an assessment will extend these times a little because multi-select questions take longer to answer.

Strict Assessment Readiness

When you create an assessment, we let you know which students are prepared versus unprepared for the quiz at that time. Strict Assessment Readiness helps you hold your students accountable for their learning by requiring them to complete their Membean training in order to be eligible for a quiz. Enabling it means that training will be factored into determining who is prepared. Only students who have met your training goals for the previous one, two, or three training cycles (you choose how many cycles you'd like included) will be considered eligible to receive a quiz. 

Quiz Expiration

Quizzes stay live for a short period of time because memory strength is constantly changing. A word that is strong in a student's memory today may not be strong enough to be eligible for a quiz a few days from now. By default, quizzes stay live for two days. The timer starts when the quiz is issued. You can adjust quizzes to stay live for one, two, or three days. Just be sure to make this adjustment before you create or schedule the quiz.

A small number of quiz questions are devoted to testing diligence in learning. They test whether students are paying attention to recently learned material or rushing through learning instead. These are items that should be known right now but are not strong for long-term retention. We call these "immediately known but unstable items." If there is a gap between when an assessment is issued and when the student takes the assessment, they'll likely get these questions wrong. Quizzes are generated the moment they go live to ensure that words that are weak in memory are not needlessly tested. This 1-3 day expiration keeps quizzes fair.