Strict Assessment Readiness helps you hold your students accountable for their training. Enabling it means only students who have met your time goals for the previous one, two, or three cycles will be issued an assessment. This article explains the options you have available and how to enable them.

Strict Assessment Readiness Options

When you create your classes, you determine how frequently and for how long you want students to train. These are your time goals, and students see these expectations on their dashboard. We always let them know how much they have left to do and when their goals are met. When you enable Strict Assessment Readiness, students will have to have met all of the training goals (days, minutes per day, and total minutes) for previous cycles in order to receive an assessment.

You have four options when it comes to Strict Assessment Readiness:

  1. Not enabled: This is the default setting. A student's training goals are not factored in when deciding whether or not they receive an assessment. 

  2. Last cycle: Assessments will only be issued to students who met their training goals during the last training cycle. 

  3. Last two cycles: Assessments will only be issued to students who met their training goals for at least one of their last two training cycles. 

  4. Last three cycles: Assessments will only be issued to students who met their training goals for at least one of their last three training cycles.

Forcing an assessment will bypass Strict Assessment Readiness. If you check the box to force an assessment, all students will receive the assessment regardless of their recent training.

Why You Should Enable It

Membean quizzes are designed to help students demonstrate their learning. The engine actively sets students up for success by quizzing them on words that are strong and/or stable in their memory. This works wonderfully when students train regularly because quality training means new, increasingly challenging words enter the Quizzable category. However, when students do not train regularly, their Quizzable word lists do not grow, because their word knowledge does not grow. This may mean that their quizzes are easier for them because they are not training. The engine continues to quiz them on their current words rather than on the words they might have learned from training diligently. 

Training is the most important aspect of Membean. It’s where the learning happens. Some students may try to take advantage of the system by avoiding their training. Enabling Strict Assessment Readiness for your classes will prevent them from doing so. They will have to train in order to take the assessment, and that training will result in new words becoming stronger and eventually stable.

How to Enable It

Follow these simple steps to enable Strict Assessment Readiness:

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of your dashboard, and then click Profile
  2. Click the Preferences tab.
  3. Choose your time frame and click Save Changes.