Membean has an optional anti-cheat feature that you can enable for student assessments. This prevents students from tabbing out of the assessment, refreshing the page to extend their time, or minimizing their screen. If they do any of these things, the assessment will be marked as suspicious and immediately submitted. This article will show you how to enable this option and how it will appear to students.

Supported desktop browsers include: Internet Explorer 10 and up, Firefox 15 and up, Chrome 23 and up, Opera 20 and up, Safari 7 and up. This feature has also been tested with Apple iOS 7.1 and up, Samsung (and other) Android 4.4 and up phones. We do not support Opera Mobile nor Amazon Fire. Using outdated browsers can result in false positives or false negatives.

Enable in Teacher Preferences

You can access your teacher preferences from any page of your dashboard by clicking the drop-down menu by your name and clicking Profile.

Click the Preferences tab to find the anti-cheat feature. Check the box and click Save Changes.

Suspicious Flag From a Student POV

The first time a student reloads the window while taking an assessment, they will receive a warning.

If the student attempts such behavior again, the assessment is marked as suspicious and auto-submitted.

Suspicious Flag from Your Assessment Summary

You can see if any of your students' quizzes were marked as suspicious from the Assessment Summary page.