At some point, you may need to reissue an assessment for a student or for multiple students. Various reasons can prompt a reissue: an assessment was marked as suspicious, the student missed the assessment window, or the student was absent. This article will show you how to reissue an assessment for a single student or for multiple students.

An entirely new quiz will be created upon a reissue. The student will not receive a retake of the original.

Viewing the Assessment

From the Assessments tab, click on the assessment you need to reissue. 

Reissuing for One Student

Locate the student who needs a reissue, and click on Reissue from the drop-down to the right of their name.

Reissuing for Multiple Students

Reissuing quizzes in bulk will save you time. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the checkboxes to select students who need a reissue.
  2. Click Bulk Actions.
  3. Click Bulk Reissue

Changing the Parameters

When you reissue a quiz, whether for one student or in bulk, you have the ability to update the parameters of the quiz. You can change the number of questions, how many SATA questions should be included, and how long the quiz should remain active. This is a great option for when you'd like to make the quiz easier or more challenging for particular students. 

Bulk Reissues are defaulted to Prepared Students Only. Be sure to change Reissue to to All Students if you want every student you selected to receive a new quiz.