While it's easy to generate a quiz on the spot, you may wish to schedule quizzes for later dates. This is beneficial because it means that you don't have to log in to your teacher dashboard to issue a quiz. This article will show you how to schedule a quiz and edit your scheduled quizzes.

Creating an assessment that needs to be issued in the next 30 minutes? Create an assessment instead.

Scheduling an Assessment

Step 1: Click on the class you'd like to schedule a quiz for.

Step 2: Click on the Assessments tab. Then, click on Schedule Assessments.

Step 3: Customize your quiz. 

Just like when you create a quiz on the spot, you'll be able to select how long the quiz is active for, how many questions it will have, how many SATA questions should be included, and which students you'd like to issue the assessment to (note: you cannot schedule ahead for specific students at this time). 

You'll notice some additional fields as well:

  1. The fields in line 1 include Every, Interval, and At. These allow you to determine how frequently and at what time quizzes are issued. You can read the fields from left to right: this quiz will be issued every 2 weeks at 8:00am.
  2. The fields in line 2 include Start Date, End Date, and Valid For. Your selections here will determine how long this quiz will recur. Start Date is the first date this quiz will be issued to students. End Date is the last day of the recurring schedule. Valid for is how long students will have to complete the quiz once it’s been issued. This will default to the assessment expiry window setting in your teacher preferences, but you can adjust it here for individual assessments.
  3. The fields in line 3 include Questions, Number of SATA Questions, and Issue to. This is where you’ll determine the length and difficulty of your quiz, along with who should receive it.

In the screenshot above, prepared students would receive a 15-question quiz every 2 weeks at 8:00 am starting on April 22nd. This recurring schedule would end on June 30th. 

Looking to schedule just one quiz ahead of time rather than creating a recurring schedule? Make your End Date the day after your Start Date. This will prevent the schedule from recurring. 

Learn more about your options for customizing assessments here.

Editing Scheduled Assessments

After scheduling quizzes, you may need to edit them--like when that surprise fire drill or pep rally ruins your plans! Editing scheduled quizzes is quick and easy. 

Step 1: From the Assessments tab, click View Schedule

To edit a single quiz, click on the quiz from the calendar view. 

You will be given several options to edit your quiz, such as changing the date and time, number of total questions, and number of SATA questions. You can also adjust the quiz validity period and whether you'd like the quiz issued to prepared students or the whole class. Click Update when you've made your adjustments. 

Just need to change the date? You can reschedule a quiz by dragging and dropping it to a different day.

If you need to edit all of the quizzes in your schedule, it's best to clear your original schedule and create a new one. Just click Clear Schedule to the right of your calendar view.

You can also print your schedule or schedule more quizzes from here.