Assessments are a key feature of Membean, and they test your students on the words they've seen in their training. We recommend your students train consistently for at least one month before you issue your first assessment. This will ensure enough of their words are quizzable. This article will show you how to create an assessment.

Learn how to schedule a future assessment here: Scheduling and Editing Assessments.

Step 1: Find the Class Assessments Tab

Click on the class for which you want to create an assessment.

From the Assessments tab, click Create Assessment.

Step 2: Customize Your Assessment

Membean offers many options for you when it comes to customizing your assessment:

  1. Choose the total number of questions. We recommend increasing the length of assessments throughout the year to increase the rigor and reinforce vocabulary retention.
  2. Choose the number of SATA (select-all-that-apply) questions you'd like to include. These questions are very challenging. We don't recommend including SATA questions right away. Let students get comfortable with Membean quizzes first. When you're ready to up the challenge, start sprinkling some in. 
  3. Choose how long you'd like the quiz to remain live for students. They will have to finish their quiz within this time frame. This field will default to your assessment expiry window in your teacher preferences. In the screenshot above, the students would have 48 hours to take the quiz starting from the moment you click create. Learn why quizzes expire in our All About Assessments article. 
  4. View which students are prepared for the quiz by clicking on the student count. Students are determined prepared based on how many quizzable words they have and your Strict Assessment Readiness settings. 
  5. Choose to whom you'd like to issue the assessment: prepared students only, all students, or specific students. We recommend issuing assessments to prepared students only to help hold students accountable for their training. You can always reissue to unprepared students once they've completed their training.

Once you are finished customizing your assessment, click Create. Students will see the quiz immediately on their dashboard in two place:

  1. A pop up message:
  2. The Graded Work section: