There are only a couple of instances where you would need to stop the introduction of new words for a student. One is if the pace of new words being introduced is still too fast after turning on strong memory. This primarily occurs with remedial students or those with learning disabilities. Another time when you may need this option is prior to a major final assessment. This article will show you how to stop a student from receiving new words. 

This setting should be used with caution. If a teacher forgets to disable Stop New Words after enabling it, this could prevent the student from training.

Step 1: Edit Student Preferences

From the Students tab within a class, click the drop-down menu to the right of the student, and click Preferences.

Step 2: Check Stop New Words

You will see a page with all of the training preferences we have available. Check the New Words preference to halt the introduction of new words. Be sure to uncheck the box when you are ready for the student to begin receiving new words again. 

Step 3: Save Changes

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. The student will no longer receive new words. 

Bulk Stop

If you would like to stop new words for multiple students or even for a whole class, you can do so in bulk. 

Step 1: Click the checkbox for each student you want to stop receiving new words. If you'd like to do the whole class, click the checkbox at the very top, and all of the boxes will automatically be checked. 

Step 2: Click Bulk Actions, and then click Adjust Preferences

Step 3: Find the New Words preference, and click Stop new words from the drop-down menu. To resume the introduction of new words, click Allow new words. Always save your changes by clicking the Adjust Preferences button at the bottom of the form.